52 - Straight

North Carolina, United States

Mar 8, 2024 13:58

I am a artist. Beadwork and jewelry. I also sell jewelry online. However one of my dreams is to st up my jewely booth in public and sell outright with a friend who nows how to persuade people into spending money as I am not a people person. I love the outdoors. I have been dieing to go camping and I think that would be a perfect first date. I love yardwork and planting as well. Hiking easy trails. I am not advanced. I also like dramatized podcasts of horror fiction. watching scifi tv shows. I am reasonably flexable. I lost my husband 2 years ago. I have been celebate since then. Technically an idiot when it comes to relationships and dating. I have been celebate since June 2022 but I am very lonely. looking for a Russian or Ukraine friend to correspond snail male and maybe email or text. I hate talking on the phone. English language is a preference at first but I want to learn Russian,