53 - Straight

Santa Fe, Argentina

Feb 25, 2024 22:35

I am looking for friendship with a woman to talk with for E-Pal exchange
I am a single catholic man never married no children with health problems looking for friendship (may be love) with a woman (catholic if i`ts possible)- Just friendship (and may be love.) I do not know why nobody wants to meet a man with health problems. I am always discriminated against because of my health problems. I may have to take medication for life. I never drink alcohol and I don't smoke. The smell of alcohol on people like the smell of cigarettes makes me nauseous, disgusted, I don't like tattoos I don't like piercings I don't have any and I'm not a gamer. I hate them. My type of personality is INFJ -HSP (search in google -Test of Myer Briggs of personality for more information if you like) Also if you want I could teach you Spanish with Argentinean pronunciation.
No send fake or AI profiles or scammers. I am not an ONG
Type of woman
She must be a practicing Catholic, not a drug addict or with any addiction, she must not smoke or drink alcohol. A future and hypothetical wife, lover, friend, confidant, that we can talk about everything without secrets. With ethical values and moral principles. If possible she should be hyper: religious,perceptive,receptive,empathetic,intuitive,more than highly spiritual more than highly sensitive,faithful loyal well feminine very romantic and hyper understanding with me and my health problems. I don't like arguments, fights, infidelities, surprise birthday parties, to understand my shyness, my inner world, my spirituality. I am perfectly imperfect Thank you for reading and understanding me. must like dogs not cats.