59 - Straight

Virginia, United States

Feb 9, 2024 00:02

Despite being naturally dominant, I find peace and submission,
so I’m looking for a dominant man who’s a gentleman first and a beast second
Someone that is a strong leader
who can mentor me and hold me accountable
a Dom with a gentle side, and a firm hand
someone who can anchor me when I spiral and my demons drag me into chaos
someone who can sooth me with gentle words, and a rough and steady grasp
hold me down firmly by the throat into the sheets
someone that can love me when I’m breaking and cannot love myself
someone that will take me, use my body and release me from my mind
I need someone that I can confidently give the only thing I’ve ever kept for myself....
my trust

I am Alpha enough to keep you on your toes and to keep things interesting
but respectfully submissive. If you earn it
I have a pure savage sexuality and a hole in my soul that only dominance can fulfill
so weak men need not apply.
I crave a dominant man
only an alpha beast and deviant, can truly handle my dark side ,
I’m not afraid of a little pain and I’m not afraid of a little danger.
In fact, if I want soft and gentle, I’ll ask for it.
i’m not easy to catch though
but if you do
I will definitely make it worth your while .

I have a dirty mouth and even dirtier mind
I have my fantasies, so ask me
because I may just blow your mind
you may even learn something new
And if you can unleash the beast and desires that I’ve denied for so long
I can’t just take them and put them back in a cage and pretend they don’t exist
I’ll hunger for it
so love me softly open me subtly
But once you have me.....
Tear right through me .....
Mark me, relentlessly as yours
Love me.....wildly
devour me with the hunger of a man that’s been left starved by the world
Tear into me with Feral precision
And leave no surface, unmarked by your desires
Kiss me in places I can’t even imagine
Play with me in Ways that I can’t stop
Make me wet in places that I can’t resist
ignite my passion in ways that all I can see and feel
Is you?

i’m not fighting for a spot in anyone’s life anymore. I’m over that.
If you want me in your life,
you will make it clear for me to see
Because I want someone who is proud to have me
not just because I’m beautiful but because I’m valued as a person
I want someone who chooses me
who wants me
someone that will make it clear to me and everyone else
that I am the only one that they desire
someone that sees me for me and everything that I’m yet to become