44 - Straight

Coast, Kenya

Dec 23, 2016 00:14

I am a one-woman man and I am looking for marriage as I prefer the family kind of life. I don't believe in playing games and I don't like women who play men and who cheat! I like being totally up front and honest with a woman from the start. I believe in being so because when two people are honest about who they are and what things they like and dislike then they can know if they are compatible in a very short period thus not wasting each others time. I believe that a woman should be treated with the utmost respect! God blessed man with a man to be his helper, his companion, his lover… not to walk behind him or in front of him but beside him equally.

The Bible says that finding a good woman/man is like finding precious jewels and I could not agree more! I cannot be totally happy in this life without a good woman! Not one to walk behind me or in front of me but beside me! A woman who could be my companion, my best friend, my lover and my beloved wife! I love SSBBW/BBW