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70 - Straight

Ontario, Canada

Apr 12, 2024 16:31

More than anything, I desire a close and loving relationship.
A well educated gentleman. Athletic and active. Well traveled. A sensing, thinking man. Honorable, integral. Loving, affectionate. One woman man. I think of myself as an easy going, mindful, calm and balanced man. Well mannered, respectful of others. A man you can depend on. A no drama fellow. I like simple pleasures and enjoy nothing more than the company of loved ones.
Eclectic interests. Reading, music, art, history, earth sciences. Love water, mountains, rivers, lakes and forests.
A natural woman. A purpose driven woman, one who chose to do good for others, such as a school teacher or librarian, perhaps a nurse, artist, farmer or self employed entrepreneur. A woman of character and integrity with eclectic interests. Loving and affectionate one man woman, whom I can love, cherish and dote upon.