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41 - Straight

Tehran, Iran

Oct 1, 2023 22:35

How nice it is to find someone Brings a smile on your way He is happy to meet you and is always waiting for you And in his eyes, the longing for you And how nice it is to find someone who owns you I love him and his feelings that smile On his face seeing you How beautiful it is to be everything in the life of the one you love To be his heartbeat and his whisper And the letters of your name in his words What is the best thing for him to say to you, I have seen all the people you are. . And what a beautiful morning radiance When you hear the voice of your loved one How beautiful it is to love a human being Crazy to see your smile In his eyes, and what a beautiful thing That your love grows every day And promise yourself to stay for his love For life. . and what a beautiful life when you share it with a human being He knows the meaning of your existence and heals You have your wounds and it will be saved for you in your absence, how beautiful it is to love a human being Delusion in love and attached to him to the point of madness, this is your dream In life