54 - Straight

Ontario, Canada

Feb 26, 2023 03:46

I am just a normal guy that has been alone way too long. I can tell you how long when we talk but just know that the purpose was for my children. When I divorced, the children were given to me to raise by myself with no mother around. The marriage was really bad and my children saw way too much drama so I had to make sure they never saw it again. I chose to stay alone till they did not need me to protect them anymore. Now I can't wait to meet my new wife. I have dreamed about it for so long.

Even though I had a horrible marriage I still believe in it. I still believe in a happily ever after. I know this can't be how my life goes. Suffering alone without love in his life. I know there is someone out there that wants to save me from it.

Love Honesty and loyalty the pillars of a good relationship but to make it great you have to add in some adventure. That is where romance and passion and affection come in. Without it, that same relationship goes stale. That is something I can not have. I need it all to survive. I want it al and I want to give it all. I have a pure heart that only does good. I will never break my rules that I have for women. Respect all women, protect all women and completely adore them. They are all a gift on this planet to warm our hearts and feel young again. Any real man that does not see the truth in that is a moron.