32 - Straight

Paris, France

Nov 16, 2023 17:29

In a nutshell,
I'm a 31yo artist, the name is Bertrand.
French living in Paris.
INFJ-T , the advocate type.

Twelve years vegan & five years raw.
I paint & draw both digitally and traditionally.
I'm a guitar player, and a multi-instrumentist.

Mainly hard rock, blues, folk, but open to other genres as well.

I do permaculture so i grow my own plants like tomatoes, lettuces, melons, corn etc.
Sports almost everyday: running - jumping rope - swimming.

I plan travelling quiet frequently.
(Next one, on my list is the USA)

I love cooking, especially raw cakes & chocolate flan.
I am really patient and determined on my goals in life.

I've got Dutch and Belgian origins (that's for the cliché thing i guess haha)

People with some verve and creativity are more than welcome.