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70 - Straight

California, United States

Sep 18, 2022 05:55

I am a radical egalitarian who believes in the essential superiority of women so you will rarely have to clean the toilet,bathroom, stove, pots or pans and I will make breakfast and also contribute to making dinner. I will take care of your nutrition and keep you in balance physically emotionally and spiritually. I a former CPA and creative writer, comedian, musician and composer and vocalist. I am also a recovered alcoholic 32 years clean and sober. I have developed a new form of fiction, namely inspirational loosely interconnected multivoliume multicharacter tales of strife, suffering, incredible personal growth, redemption, and ultimate triumph to be published under two umbrella titles:. (1) Dillon, Gorman, and Mora: Accountants in Paradise, and (2) Without Bamboo Shoots or Rubber Hoses: The Life and Times of T.B. Guido (a nickname I was given in December 1987). I'm into sports, physical exercise, music, chess and checkers, and the board games Risk and Monopoly, and controlled gambling consisting of low.stakes blackjack and negative betting craps. I also give one hell of a massage and am.into extended foreplay with oral gratification for you you will not believe, but my primary goal is to get you to heaven while providing you a little heaven on earth. My favorite dishes to make are (1) Salmon fillet with my original caper sauce and boil-in-tthe-bag rice with my super nutritious salad of Tuscan kale, red leaf lettuce, celery, green onion, shredded carrots, English cucumber, and raw slices of fresh garlic and ginger root, (2) My special never the same twice of stir fry chicken breast and shrimp with vegetables and pine nuts or slivered almonds, and (3) Rib Eye steak with baked potato and generous portions of butter and sour cream and ersatz chives, namely the green ends of green onions. Do bring an appetite done right in the Presence of the Lord with care for your body, mind and spirit. I believe in your human potential and spirit and use self-hypnosis and future games to invent the future we want to face.I'm serious about pursuing romance and daily living and prayer and bible study into matrimony.I hope you are about fun and good living and good loving.



Age: 43 / straight

United States


Age: 64 / straight

United States