61 - Straight

Louisiana, United States

Jan 31, 2023 08:47

Let me start off by saying that I am an only child that was primarily raised by my mother. My dad was always working so he did not make too much time for me. During my childhood, I became interested in radio. I was interested in shortwave radio and listening to broadcasts from around the world. I would experiment with different longwire antennas to get the best signal. This led me to listening to broadcasts from around the world and dreaming of going to these mysterious places, someday. I used to listen to Radio Moscow on my shortwave radios, some of which I built with my own hands. I used to do yard work to earn money and I saved up one summer, $160.00 U.S. dollars to buy my dream radio. This was a Radio Shack DX 160. I loved that radio and wish I still had it. In those days there was no internet yet. I enjoy the arts, electronics, playing electric-guitars and computers. I am really into computers. I live in a small town. I was born and spent much time in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am very lonely with very little to nobody to talk to. If you want, my whatsapp cell number is +1 985 302 7298 You can call me anytime you want , day or night. I hope you like me and we will get to talk soon. Yours Sincerely: Gerard