41 - Straight

Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Nov 21, 2021 00:19

single male from England, no children. i love history, football, art, philosophy especially metaphysics and Aquinas. With me you will you know where you stand always. Anything you ask i will answer with complete transparency. Please note that i do not want children. This decision has taken many years of thought. I desire a relationship from a foreign older woman. My life has been a bit of a disappointment for a while now. I like the idea of building together with someone. I could pretend I am very successful, very rich, very attractive. But if you have been hurt in the past by a man lying to you then with me I am ideal. I am not pretending or making out I have it all figured out. Instead I will give you the gift of myself. I have promised to live close to my youngest brother as he has autism so I can never relocate. i paint from time to time and love Nabist art. Seeking a girlfriend who wants to visit England occasionally and hopefully me to you. i support Everton Football Club. i work as a shop assistant part time. i pray the Rosary every day as i am a practicing Catholic.