31 - Straight

south cotabato, Philippines

Nov 6, 2021 21:37

first of all im not beautiful or even s*xy just an ordinary lady but i think i am sweet and simple asian filipina lady as what people describe just home body person and wife here for real and serious and no lies and know i am nothing to hide my self i am willing to share anything and everything about my self as you wish to get to know not here for playing games.i have no time to waste your time ..i dont like noisy place or crowded places i love to stay a quite and a peaceful place like farm or province far at cities.but i am approachble and appreciative and always like simple things i am friendly and caring and hard working

i dont like to wear s*xy but i am not weird sometimes i like to wear

im facing a lot of discrimination. people laughing people bullying because of my looks.i have dirty face and im slim and i have big mouth and big lips that people call me as alligator or crocodile.but i believe people is different to look.being kindness is the most important thing in this world no matter what you look like.

im independent lady no brothers and sisters i dont have parents.i left and leave my parents home since when i was 17 years step father abuse me and rape me..

i been hurt and broken hearted here because i dont trust to all filipino men anymore im not interested or attracted filipino men tired of trusting to them..

my first boyfriend he lef me after i lost my virginity

my second boyfriend he was also left me because his always find other girls.

my third boyfriend his a liar he cheated me many times

my fourth boyfriend his violented guy his always wanted to get trouble to other people he used to drugs and smoke and his always treat me like a prisoner and his always getting jealous without reason

my last boyfriend he was also left me because his decided to work abroad because as what he follow what his mom wants to him.

Now i am single for so many years and why i am here now because i think i am ready to love again.i want to try foreign man and i wish to try foreign man
because i m willing to meet in person and willing to relocate and move to live to another country

i wish to start a new life a new family to other country for my own that i can call for my own

i dont like philippines to live i cant see a better future here is getting harder

over population
street children
homeless people
jobless people
crowded and noisy place
criminal cases problem
corrupt country
calamity problem like floods and earthquake and other calamities
dirty place
people bully and discrimination

president administration is very good now a days its more fun in the philippines but some people abuse our nature abuse people. war vs war.

for me it doesnt matter about your looks being as a good person does not depends race color or status posetion or situation rich or poor old or young.most important is whats really in your heart.

i hope we heal as one and stop corona virus