32 - Straight

Mazandaran, Iran

Sep 22, 2021 22:27

I believe we human are goal striving creatures, give someone a goal and will, and there is nothing he/she cant do : ) I have set goals for life, and looking for someone with whom we can blossom our talents together, and help each other reach our goals. I studied IT in university and was a web designer. Now im migrating to a new career which is currency trading. I like animals, eat healthy food, like workout. My personality type is I/ENFJ. I have a leader characteristic. A good listener and supportive. I find great joy in helping people close to me when they need it. I'm someone my close friends resort to when they are deeply down. I like art, specially digital painting and paintings of great masters. I'm optimistic, cheerful, with a good sense of humor. Im looking forward to hear about your dreams and make them come true together. : )