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63 - Straight

Edirne, Turkey

Sep 5, 2021 21:20

Hello! Thank you for looking at my page.What could be better than to love and be loved? To love and be loved is a journey to heaven.I am simple and ordinary,knowing that he will answer to Allah and focused on the family..A life that is not shared is meaningless. Everyone has the right to love and be loved.Love is a gift from heaven.Hearts are warmed by it, close and United.The family would be happy with that.Houses are festive and warm with it.There is no happiness without love.Lovelessness fades like a flower.It'll shorten your life.. My friends describe me as loving, caring, calm,understanding.I hate violence and nagging.I am passionate about learning and reading.After my wife, books are my second World.I like dancing.I invite you to the dance. Without respect,love disappears over time.. The relationship does not continue without trust. I'm a person who aspires and dreams of starting a family.The relationship is a two-person theater.I believe there is someone waiting for me.So I'm waiting here patiently.Let the liars, crooks and beggars be away from me.