53 - Straight

Idaho, United States

May 28, 2021 16:41

I am David and if covid doesn't take you out... I will. I know, i know... terrible humor but I believe in laughing at almost anything during challenging times. I do not take myself so serious. I am an INFJ. I mostly wait here and thumb through profiles. Definitely the profile that has to wait cause no one answers me back. I have been relegated to this sea of confusion and I not sure how likely I will find my lid to my pot. My friends would tell you I am fiercely loyal, authentic, magnanimous, sarcastic, cynical, gentle, loving, highly intelligent, and driven. I believe I am a hardworker as I own a successful business I built. I AM the one you will trust and rely on. I can own my own stuff. I have reduced my suitcases to carry ons. I don't live in my car. I own my own home. I have all of my teeth and hair. I loved my mother. I will not look at you like cows do at passing trains... you know the look? I dont use drugs, never have. I rarely drink and I have no criminal past. I will gladly give you my license number to run a check. I seriously could not run for political office..YOU WILL FIND NO DIRT! I love Emotional intelligence and depth. Showing me pictures of you cliff diving or air plane jumping will not tell me how you can navigate the dynamics of a soulful relationship. I want to see you and be seen by you. Looking for capacity to connect with me. Best fit for me is someone who will help stretch me lovingly and my compass I use is how do I feel about myself with you. I get along better with women as I was raised by them mostly. I care about what you believe in. I am emotionally available, can communicate exactly what I want and need and desire a forthcoming nature from my partner. I have lived on my own for many years after divorce. You should know I am not clingy but crave intimacy and connection. You will not meet a more genuine and trusting man who is healthy and extremely physically affectionate. I enjoy roadtrips swimming camping hockey sports on tv and live movies new food hiking, and writing. I am writing a parenting book. I am college educated and can have deep and real conversation. Dont care about politics or current parrotheads on tv and all their nonsense. I play drums. I swim alot and am in good shape. I have a sarcastic and dry sense of humor. I know how to support my partner with unconditional positive regard. I need someone who can reciprocate the same. I appreciate someone forthcoming and authentic. Someone "too busy being fabulous" doesn't work for me. I see through all guile, veils, and pretense and am about as real as you get. I hear many women complain about trust and honesty. i have never cheated and have always had trusting relationships. My partner will be able to trust what I say because my words are congruent with my behavior. I am nourishing and loving tender and sensitive sensual and comfortable in my own skin. I look for partner with open appetite to explore many things and is confident and comfortable with their own self relationship and physical and sexual self. I would like to meet a dynamic woman who is supportive, can give and take, ebb and flow with stepping to the front to lead and then stepping back for me to lead. A dance together where we can catch one another's gaze across the room and know we were designed for one another. She gets it, gets me, and LETS me get her. I am not interested in smokers or drug users including pot. I want interdependent, much healthier, balanced and realistic! I am a bit of an old soul. I am not a wet noodle type of guy. I have strong masculinity but not the macho bs way. I am a real in tuned healthy alpha male, nothing wimpy here....lastly, I am very silly believe it or not and will keep you laughing. If you get to the end of this profile, then I may have peaked something inside you. Please reach out so we may start something engaging as i would enjoy mutual exploration. If you didn't get any sense of who I am... see the cow comment above. Please engage!!