35 - Straight

Berkshire, United Kingdom

Nov 25, 2020 17:39

hi and how are you ?
And how appropriate that my tea shirt says Zero ...because from experience of lots of other so called dating sites that is usually right and no matter what I put in profile or message or my photo I get practicably Zero interest.
and yes I know there is 40 men to every one women all women has to to do is sit back and wait a for that rich male model with a six pack - Connections, social standing social status big house fancy car to send a message ,
I mean yeah I would love to Date the pop star Taylor Swift but only in my wildest dreams,,
so the morel of this is to be realistic .... but you keep asking friends were are the decent man ...err he walked past you in the supermarket .
My name is James single living in the south of England - never married- have no children ,
will you roll the Dice and take a chance on me ??
I am what some people call a '' Nice Guy '' but the word nice is what you call a cat or a dog ,
so I am a decent human being with morels and compassion for my fellow human .
forget about them reality TV show / Hollywood romantic film fantasy's ... this is the real world.
I am looking for love and who knows a wife...its a slow burn for real love ,
I just want to build a simple life that will be full of smiles and happy days , to share life ups and downs,
100 year old model steam engines are cool
I am a audiophile and enjoy music and films too,
and you will be delighted to know that I am fully house trained,
long walks are great and I have cat too.
take care and just relax fellow human .