35 - Straight

Berkshire, United Kingdom

Nov 23, 2020 18:51

hi and how are you ?
My name is James I am single living in the south of England - never married- have no children , I like Romanian and Ukraine women .
(I don't mind if you have already a child or two) -
will you roll the Dice and take a chance on me ??
I am what some people call a '' Nice Guy '' but the word nice is what you call a cat or a dog ,
so I am a decent human being with morels and compassion for my fellow human .
forget about them reality TV show / Hollywood romantic film fantasy's ... this is the real world.
I am looking for love and who knows a wife...its a slow burn for real love ,
I just want to build a simple life that will be full of smiles and happy days , to share life ups and downs,
100 year old model steam engines are cool
I am a audiophile and enjoy music and films too,
and you will be delighted to know that I am fully house trained,
long walks are great and I have cat too.
take care and just relax fellow human .