44 - Straight

California, United States

Dec 7, 2022 23:35

I'm a straight , 5"9 165 lbs Asian guy with glasses, interested in Dance Dance Revolution(DDR) freestyling, loves online chess and poker, is into physical workouts a bit as well. I enjoy things of a diffrent and unconventional nature, be it a topic of discussion or personal interest here. Just be yourself, come meet me up, and talk to me about intellectual things or anything!. I'm a pretty open minded individual myself, and loved a good talk with a cup of coffee to boot!

In real life, I can be a bit shy and reserved at first, largely because I don't want to be judged as creepy. It's already hard enough for nerdy guys to make the first move on girls(let alone guys in the bar). True confidence is hard to cultivate (and I can relate very well to your shyness and awkwardness here if you are an introvert) but my confidence develops spontaneously according to how you react back. If you could push past my initial "hesitancy and shyness" and feel comfortable talking further to me, in return I'll feel easier to open up to you and you'll see me as I am. I'm pretty straightforward when it comes to being friends or courtship. I don't like playing mind games here to test a girl's loyalty to me (be it a friend or lover), its just unnecessary and leaves a lot of doubt and confusion as to whether are you into the friendship/relationship or not. A person's true colors will show up eventually, and you or I will know whether to go on further or not.

Also,I'm somewhat diffrent in my approach of things here, and I loved and cherished things to be special and intimate in its nature. I am especially interested when I could find a girl who could first be a potential close friend to share my heart with, then later probably developing into an intimate relationship that I can enjoy till the end of my days. I understand its very idealistic, and couldn't be all that perfect as we have our faults in life, but I'll try to work on my part in accepting a person's character shortcomings..which is a big learning curve by itself...tough but necessary in order to make a good friendship/relationship work and last. I would like to have something special worthwhile to remember all the days of my life, which is a great companionship between you and I...friend or a lover.

In addition, I respond to messages pretty quickly and fast unless I'm busy, or if it's just not the convenient time to respond back quickly,but I'll reply back pretty soon (unless my internet is cut off here). Don't be mistaken that I sounded needy or desperate here. I don't buy the conventional belief that responding to messages quick indicates desperation, but I see it as a sign of my interest in talking to you and showing you attention here to your messages. I don't mind if you respond back at your own pace, but if you are not interested to engage in long textual conversation, giving out pretty short and curt responses or engage me in text after a week or so for instance...I would assume that you aren't interested further and just don't waste my time here pls. Thanks for reading about my profile, and if we clicked well, I would like to take it one step further from there. Cheers!