69 - Straight

Texas, United States

Oct 1, 2020 03:00

I am looking for a wife. Sounds simple but it’s not. I want a younger Christian lady who lives what she believes. Notice; If you like to go out and party and get laid, please go somewhere else. If you have been to bed with more men then you have fingers, you will never be faithful, I am not looking for you. If you have any addictions like drugs, alcohol, smoking or a bad temper, I am not looking for you. If you have children and are divorced, I have no room for someone who believes in divorce. If you see yourself as high maintenance, I am not your man. If you want to own a big home, fancy new cars and travel a lot, you need to keep looking. If you believe that women are equal to men and better and you should make all the decisions for the family, take a hike. If you think that homosexuality and abortion are good things, then you need to get saved and read the Bible.
I am looking fo a traditional lady who wants to marry only one man, have children, be a homemaker, build a loving marriage and family, then we might be on the same page. Trust is the basis of a healthy marriage relationship. Once you break that trust because of a lie, deception or adultry, it can be forgiven but never forgotten. I am looking for a partner to help me make the important decisions that will affect our family. One lady to love and be with for the rest of my life. A wife who loves God and will go to church with me and pray with me. If you are interested let me know. Video chat is a must, I want to know who I am taking to. Our worlds may not be so far apart. Jack