18 - Straight

California, United States

Oct 26, 2020 03:26

Hello, I am Chenoa, ( FULL-Chenoa Rain Lippke ), I'm 18 and I have a huge interest in Russian history, Countries, Anime, Vocaloid ( Listening to Hatsune Miku RN ), Countryhumans, Sabaton, Japan's Culture and millions of other cultures in the world !

I came here cuz I want to look for a super beautiful partner and I'm Christian. I can read cyrillic and know some Russian

My appearance, long-trimmed blonde hair with different highlights and low-lites in it,( has a tint of a orangish shine in the sun ) long bangs covering one eye, mixed-coloured eyes that have blue,green, and a SMALL bit of yellow in them a line of freckles and full lips that are eveny shaped with a skinny body, slim,small ( not thicc (: ) figure, inverted triangle, about 5;4 or 5;5 now and I have 14.1% East Prussian, Polish,Czech and Baltic, has Spanish and 5.8% Swedish theres a bit more. I have Autism. I'm proud :3

I also enjoy seafood and I like history; I'm reading A History Of Russia And Its Empire, very interesting book, it makes me learn so much about Russia, a very very beautiful land I wanna visit one day 🇷🇺 ruru

I also have some pet-peaves to as well to keep in mind, I don't like cussing or swearing, I also don't like it when ppl use God's name in vein like saying " oh-my- .. " either, again, I am evangical. And of course, I don't like mean ppl as well but your still forgiven no matter what uwu



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