45 - Straight

New York, United States

Aug 10, 2020 19:02

I have friends who live in Tver, who would like me to meet a wonderful Russian man, so I can come for extended visits and possibly move to Russia.

I am not looking for a husband, or a sponsor, only a friendship that will hopefully build to more.

I work form home, due to the COVID19, but normally I am a data-processor for a hospital accounting department.
I am learning Russian. At this point I can read better than understand the spoken language. But soon I hope to be nearly fluent.

When I am finally able to retire, with my pension I do plan to live in Russia for a large part of year, as my Visa will allow, and at other times travel through Europe and Asia.



Age: 39 / straight

New York
United States


Age: 52 / straight

New York
United States