50 - Straight

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Apr 7, 2020 08:29

A young professional male, born and raised in the UK now living and working in Dubai for the past 9 years. OMG! so long now.... Anyhow, I am divorced for 8 years, have no children, long story, and I am in search of a partner with whom I can share my life with. I have a responsible job working for a government institution in the UAE. I like the beach, the sun, cycling and trying to keep fit. Love to cook and go to the movies, like scuba diving as well as photography, though would like to get better at it. I hate arguments, fighting and swearing. Do not like cheaters and liars, learned that lesson the hard way... I always have a positive outlook to life, the glass is half full always and never half empty in my eyes and I am faithful to the bone.