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71 - Straight

Delaware, United States

Mar 20, 2020 14:59

Hello there! I am glad you decided to read my profile.. . I am sure you have seen millions (okay. . hundreds.. okay.. okay. . a few : -) and I hope mine captures your attention enough to write to me : -) I worked for the Post Office but retired two years, then I will moved to Delaware and relax and travel. Okay, enough of that. . on to what might interest you a bit more. As my name implies, I do ride a Harley. Don't panic. . I just love to ride.. I am not in a hard core biker gang.. . (not that there is anything wrong with that. . to each his own) I just love to freedom. . the air and road ahead. . just relaxes me. If you ride that would be awesome.. I would love a passenger . I also enjoy traveling when I can (love cruises) and doing anything from a movie and popcorn to a museum and coffee. I enjoy watching football (Giants fan. . sorry! ) to baseball. . I love going to estate sales ( I do have an old house so I like to find cool things to bring back) Hopefully, you will write back.