47 - Straight

Herefordshire, United Kingdom

Jan 11, 2020 18:17

Let's see now, I am fun, happy, stupid, serious, sad, poised, focused....I'm an alien in today's society because I am a 1 woman man. I hate unfaithfulness.
Happiness, family orientated and protective is me but I am also;
Very Romantic
Extremely Loving
Very Loyal
And I know how to listen, yes that's right, I'm a man and I know how to...what did you say, I missed what you said, nevermind, I wasn't really listening anyway. Hee. Hee, heeee.
I'm a professional musician, Songwriter and a scriptwriter...entertainment business minded.
Give me a synthesizer and I can programme most new synth sounds from scratch.
Give me a car and its "Where's the engine?"
I want a Wife who wants to be spoilt, loved, romanced, kept safe and protected, treated like a Precious Princess but respected as a wise Queen.
I can cook too.
Did you make it this far? Well done...I'm bored just reading it about my donkey...