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40 - Straight

Bialystok, Poland

Nov 30, 2019 11:52

My friends say that in my previous life I was probably a Viking. I think this word best describes my personality: For a friend I will give my heart and soul, but for my enemy I will be his worst nightmare.
I'm a caring, spontaneous lover, true friend, soulmate, creative soul, loving and affectionate gentleman. I'm also rebellious, nonconformist opposing rudeness and violence - ready to defend those I love. I'm well educated, with extraordinary manners. I never fit in the system - maybe that is the reason why I never found true love. I always follow my heart, don't care what people, teachers or religion say. I play piano, electric and classical guitar and synthesizers - and love composing music using modern computer technology and electronics. I'm a kickboxing instructor, a lifeguard, an English teacher, a graphic designer and a boxer. I love animals - especially dogs, cats and horses, - computer programming and chess. I'm pretty good at cooking - I like experimenting with various food, trying new recipes and mixing various flavors...and above all I have so much love to give...I am just myself - I don't know if it's good or bad. Come to my life and tell me...