35 - Straight

Kentucky, United States

Dec 26, 2019 06:20

Looking for a serious, faithful and real woman who knows how to give and show affection, love and intimacy. I want to be perfectly clear, I am not here to play games but to find my soulmate once and for all. I have been used to many times by women, trust must be earned and if your not up for that please keep looking. Once you have my trust you will be amazed how affectionate and loving I will be. I will stand by my woman and protect her until my last breath, showing her love and faithfulness like no other. This is what I have to offer, however it takes a dedicated woman to receive this in return. I would like a woman who enjoys the same activities as I do and maybe even discover new ones I never thought I would like before. Some activities I enjoy is to go camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, watching movies (both at home and out), heavy metal music, getting tattoos, learning new things, video games, wood working, reloading and gunsmith. Some activities I would like to do once I have found my true love is walking in the park, dining, cuddling, expressing how much I love her in my way. Due to me be very affectionate, caring, loving and intimate. My soulmate must be the same. I do not care about gifts or trinkets. Material items mean nothing to me. What means the most is my one and only being close to me and being with me in every way. That is my love language and is how I show someone how much I love them as well. I want a woman in whom I will be her world and in return she will be mine. If you are this woman, maybe your my soulmate. Do not be shy, you have nothing to loose by everything to gain so contact me and see if you are.