60 - Straight

Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Feb 18, 2021 21:10

I am not a pretty man due to leading a very very hard life.If you are able to look past my harsh exterior you will find a very honest,loyal,loving man that would gladly give his own life to save the ones he loves.
I visited Bulgaria a few years ago and met lots of Russian/Ukraine ladies. I was very very impressed not just by their beauty but the fact that nearly all of them could read and write in at least 5 languages fluently.
The wining factor that convinced me i wanted to meet one of these ladies was their fierce loyalty to their men. The main reason for my hard life is meeting English women that do not posses these qualities i admire so much.
Please just be honest with me.Its all i ask and trust is the most important part of any relationship.
Thanks for visiting my profile and i really look forward to chatting with you.xx



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Age: 51 / straight

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