44 - Straight

São Paulo, Brazil

Oct 3, 2018 12:40

I am Brazilian, I live in São Paulo, capital, well with life, economically stable, I like diversified types of food, music, I am open to all kinds of knowledge. For now I am observing this site, and often I see it is very bot ... difficult to understand who is really writing to me and is a real person. You think I have not answered you yet because I do not want to, or for any other reason, fool yourself, I am analyzing, if you want some contact, and I really think of something real, and a family, the two of us together, can speed up if you want to send contact. You see, beauty is good, body is good, but I only love loyalty and loyalty. I really think a lot of women here are beautiful and wonderful, but I have to have criteria to select the one I want for the rest of my life. I do not care if you take the first step, because really as Im still analyzing, I can take time to respond. If you do not want to delay your response, feel free to send me any form of contact that will be sure of my return. Who really wants to, knows how to run after.