38 - Straight

lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Sep 6, 2019 10:47

Mr Unique here, yes, I am Mr Unique as there are no others like me, and for that reason, I am seeking Miss Uniqueness that can give me the so called "Love" I never had.

It may sound unusual using this kind of platform, to look for something serious, but hey, anything is possible, and I believe in that possibility of finding a woman who will be willing to talk to me, to give me the chance to be heard, I am as human as anyone, and we all need a person who can be there to fill our hearts with feelings that in turn, can make us feel Happy, and on the top of the world.

Everything does start with a conversation, and that is why, friendship is the best way forward.

I am a genuine, expressive, honest Individual, with a unique flair of cultures within me, I am Portuguese, but, my father was born and bred in Angola, and I also have family who are from Brazil. I love the cultural background imprinted in me, as that helps me understand who I really am, and those around me.

I am currently working at a hospital, as a catering assistant, and I like what I do, it keeps me busy, and it also helps me out achieve my dreams, specially for the love of traveling.

So, if you would like to know more about me, or, you have any questions you would like to make then, don't hesitate in replying.