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36 - Straight

Maharashtra, India

Apr 11, 2016 06:36

I am a Strong man but with lot of emotions. I believe in love, angels and good deeds. Life is short, I don't like to hurt anybody and play with anybody's emotions. Want to find my angel because I am having a very small dream of sweet home, family and babies. I am here searching for my angel , my queen and my wife. I dont have time for flirting. I am a serious man and I don't want just a girlfriend but I am looking for my future wife. I hope god have sent an angel for me, I just want to find her. With her I want to Live and die in love. Country , cast , religion nothing else matters for me because at the end of the day its only feelings which make you smile. I like to keep promises, because for me a real man is strong in doing his duties , I love sports and like to live healthy life. I am the only son and my parents are together for 37 years, that's my dream to find somebody whom I will love everyday more and more. I just want to feel complete and be with someone who will be the sugar of my life.