67 - Straight

Utah, United States

Mar 25, 2016 23:20

I like movies, long walks on beach, drives in mountains, skiing, target shooting, good conversations, travel, museums, history, travel, trail driving in Jeeps, boating, swimming, all things I can do with my lady. I love to slow dance, am not good at fast dancing but could learn with the right teacher.

I would like to meet a woman that I think is beautiful and s*xy, no matter what others think. I want a lady that is a lady, who loves to be touched, kissed, hugged. I am looking for a true partner in life, a best friend, someone to share everything with. I don't want a party girl and am not looking to be just a way to get out of Ukraine or to the States. I would like a lady that wanted to work with me to build a life. If you have children, ok, but if you want to make babies, I am not your man.I do not need a cook, housekeeper, etc. I can cook for myself. I want my other half, my partner in everything. I want the woman by my side to be my equal, not subservient, not slave

I hate being alone, not having a woman that I love to do things with. My wife left me 2 years ago for another man or two, and I will be divorced officially on March 3rd 2016. My daughters are grown and have their own lives. I was an officer in the US Marines, have owned my own businesses, know how to build a house or fix things that break. I don't know what to say, I'm not rich, but I can make a good living. I love to travel and have traveled to several countries, love to go on cruise ships, have lived in several parts of the country and in Japan. I love museums, sightseeing, mountains, desert, and beaches. I have been a weightlifter but hurt my shoulders and am just getting back into it, need a workout partner. I love boating, swimming and driving. I can build houses or fix a computer. I am not a shy person. I love to laugh and make people laugh. I love to slow dance with my lover in my arms tight. I seldom drink, don't do drugs, don't smoke. It is time for a new start, new life, new love.