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64 - Straight

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nov 24, 2017 23:48

I am: Musician, composer, teacher.. and interested in anything that has to do with art, music, culture etc. I Like to travel as well, sometimes by bike ; -) And I like to meet people, and would love to meet a Lady..

i hope to find a beautiful and intelligent Lady, who is not only looking for a man, but also wants to see this man as Her knight, servant or even slave at Her Feet - ready to admire and serve Her, and ready to fulfill Her desires, and to be transformed to, and used as Her personal property . i would not mind at all when You, Milady, are a proud, dominant and maybe even somewhat arrogant Person to whom i easily can submit. . . Submit as the servant at Your Feet (or maybe even: Under Your Beautiful Feet ; -) ) . i will be the obedient musician, Your plaything, and if You wish, even the ground You walk on! Hopefully You are looking for a not-so-young, adoring and loving, and very submissive man, who will become Your lover, but also the humble servant at Your Feet!

Maybe this is a good description of who this servant is (apart from being an intelligent and creative person, musician, interested in (mainly) classical music, art, architecture, philosophy, and so much more. . . ) :

At the bottom of the stairs
he lies in servitude
his naked body
hardly visible
in the gloomy light
of candles of fear,

waiting as only
admirers can wait,
waiting as only
captured can wait
waiting, and longing
for the cruel beauty
of the sound of
sharp footsteps.

he knows:
this cold stone floor
is his prison
and his freedom,
he has no choice
and does not want choice:
he will proudly offer
his neck and body,
and be floor and throne
to cruelty.

Who knows...maybe You are my destiny, Milady?
Do You think You can find me, servant martin, when You look at the first letter of all lines? :

Servant i am -
Exclusively for You,
Real Queen of Dreams!
Verses i might write
And better even: music
Nowhere heard yet -
To You though
All this servant's sounds
These new sounds:
Yes, they are somehow
Overly familiar.
Unhappiness will seize to exist
Real love will come
For You and Your humblest slave -
Every day and
Every second and
Ten thousand times!
All Your Divine Beauty,
This man, Your servant will adore;
Your Dominance
And Your Femininity:
How could a servant,
Or a slave,
Or a man
Dare to think, even when
Once, just once. . .
That he could resist
Could wish to resist You, Milady,
Or not want to become and stay
Man and slave at Your Feet?