24 - Straight

Colombo , Sri Lanka

Apr 12, 2019 09:11

I am studying at the medical university and my future job is pharmacist. I like this profession because with the help of medicines people can have healthy and happy life, and I do like to help people. I finished the fourth year and got a bachelor's degree. Now I can work a pharmacist or continue my studies and get a master's degree. Now i decide to continue my study. Here in colombo the weather is not too sunny and sometimes there is a wind. Therefore, I do not go to sea. But when the weather is better, I'll go to the sea and sunbathe on the beach. I like the sea and swim in it. In the sea, I feel like a fish in thee water. The sea really inspires me and it's my weakness. In the winter, I swam with dolphins. But these dolphins pestered me. Perhaps they saw in me a kindred spirit. Haha) I'm kidding) In fact, I was afraid of them, although I thought that dolphins are very calm animals. But they wanted to play with me and have fun. It was unforgettable! Do you like animals? I have a flower at home, which I take care of. It is growing rapidly on my window