51 - Straight

Berlin, Germany

Jan 6, 2019 12:39

I am an easy going Man, honest and sincere, has a good sense of humor. When it come to relationship I believe in total openness to have a successful relationship. I love to travel a lot, I love adventures and I like to explore new things.
I’m seeking my better half, please let’s find each other out and kill this loneliness, making life better and complete.

I’m my search here: I’m searching for a woman with a heart of gold, inner beauty and character matters to me a lot. I’m looking for a woman who is ready to allow herself to be loved, cherish and care for, and she will return the same.
I will like to meet a self confident woman, who feels accomplished in life, and is contented with what life has for her. A good nature and tender woman who love to laugh and have fun.

Finallly, the biggest part of life we are all waiting for, we are waiting for a better chance, waiting for a better partner to fall in love with, we are waiting for a better weather to go out and have fun. As we wait time passes and we are left with ourselves alone in the dark room. Thinking out loud about emptiness of grey days which you and I have created for ourselves. Who is the reason, I mean who is responsible for all that? It’s only you and I. But we can change all that with just a hi or hello. Thanks for reading



Age: 59 / straight



Age: 42 / straight