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50 - Straight

Texas, United States

Nov 26, 2018 09:57

I am from Odessa Ukraine. Today I live in Houston, Tx. I would love to meet some nice man. Please do not send me the messages if you are too young. My son is 23. I really do not like look like Horny women. I just want nice man who like to have good relationship with women.And if everything is okay maybe I let someone in my life. I love alternative medicine.I practice alternative medicine. I do not drink or smoke.I love nature. Everything about nature make happy. I realy premature you can say. I been 20 years marriage to my husband. He always tell me he can't find better woman and me. But I find out he is been with 25 years old. My husband is going be 65. But I really want you to understand me, I am not that tipe of women who will do that flirting with you.I just would like to have friend first, and if anything between us happened is good, and we really like each other...
Thanks for reading this...and good luck with your dating!