59 - Straight

france, Martinique

Dec 11, 2019 04:16

pascal french 181 cm for 93 kg . I dream about a simple girl ,a star dust. i am a special man i have no limit physicaly i like dive with sharks, go down without a bottle at 20 or 30 meters to 58 years I am a real kid the land or Gaia is a huge field to flourish. I move away from human creations that kill tears pollute and destroy this world. I am in harmony with the rain the wind the sun the rock. the 4 elements.... faithfull, french intelligent many knowledge worker spiritual romantic sensible tender strong . i like love and give pleasure . good amant . hope 10 years ago a woman who like simple life.inner beauty , no materialist but spiritual family oriented . no bars no night club,i hate lie, queen of drugs or shopping bi s*xuel passed your way .
i searching a future woman for the life . my email is
i hate the lies.I am simple humble and I have apprehension for women too perfect too makeup or too sophisticated in sumptuous decorations. a simple man . just love and to have a future family. here on the Martinique island i am fonctionary for 3 years. you do not need to buy an evening dress because where he lives, the evening is a beach with a sunset and make love in the water or on the greve. in nature a barbecue of coconut palms. a swimsuit and a pareo are enough. The makeup flows if you swim dives and bronzes 6 hours a day to see the turtles dolphins. nature is jungle with its reality. the beautiful dresses are replaced by jeans and tennis. the volcano to climb is a physical challenge that puts your heart and your will to the test. here your body must accept the effort to live and survive sportingly and outdoors. the stiletto heels are replaced by flippers or sandals. the fruits are tasty the delicious fish. welcome in my life .my email is